Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

McOLSON Research laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd., from its conception to erection, has been taken as a different project to deliver difference in the world through its customer and patient specific SOPs and an ethical and innovative approach to settle the unaddressed issues in the field of human medicine.

Our Mission

We pledge to make difference regarding quality, availability and affordability of the drugs for mankind. Observing innovation & transparency, we aim to earn the trust of our internal and external customers globally.

Our Values

Be Reliable

To Profession

All our team members are devotedly committed and responsible to implement cGMP and TQM standards.

To Organization

We own our responsibility to be reliable for the organization and its all stake holders in order to build long lasting trust and faithfulness.

To Society

We abide by the corporate social responsibility principles for the fulfilment of our duties towards our society.

Be Transparent

To Subordinates

The adaptation and knowledge we have is being delivered and is accessible to our juniors for their learning and grooming.

To Supervisors

We follow an efficient transparent reporting culture which facilitates every supervisor at any level of hierarchy to see the last team member of his team down the line without any obscurity.

To Customers

Being a patient and customer oriented company, we offer access to any  information which is directly relevant to the stake of our valued customers.

Be Different

Human Being

We are transforming ourselves into different human beings by self-accountability with true insight of “integrity.”

Team Member

Cohesion and collaboration is our working principle and to win as a team is the only reason to celebrate.


We do not raise bar every day, excellence is our first destination.