Board of Directors


Dr. Zafar Mustafa Jajjah


I have always envisioned McOLSON Research Laboratories as future innovators of manufacturing technology and pioneers of Research & Development in pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan. The Dream started with inception of Dyson Research Laboratories manufacturing facility in 2005 and since then the appetite of our core vision has never met satiety. We continue to excel in our field with a team of specialists and they are keen in delivering to our community of what is expected from us as a national pharmaceutical concern. In this journey of becoming global from national, our untiring efforts will continue with the same zeal and fervor with which we initiated this organization.


Faisal Mushtaq

MSs(Chem), MBA

Emergence of COVID-19, shortage of its necessary medicines and unavailability of its vaccine specially in the developing countries has again highlighted the need of pharmaceutical research and development in these countries including Pakistan.

Preempting this fact in 2008, McOLSON was incorporated to ensure availability of essential medicines beyond geographical, racial and religious boundaries. We started our mission by bridging the gaps of quality in much needed generics and making them comparable with the leading brands of the world in terms of their efficacy and reliability.

Adhering to our core values, “Reliability, Transparency and Difference”, we are dedicatedly pursuing our goal of greatness in pharmaceutical research and development with the committed and competent team of professionals.