McOLSON’s vision is to contribute to enrichment of quality of life through the creation of innovative medicine and provision of pharmaceutical products addressing diverse medical needs.

Quality Standards:

i) GMP Compliance

ii) ISO Standards

iii) Accuracy & Efficacy

iv) Research and Development


McOLSON RESEARCH LABORATORIES is fully committed to customer satisfaction with its quality pharmaceutical products. We believe in continuous improvement of Quality Management System, which is compliant with the ISO 9001 :2015 and cGMP requirements.

Our aim is to produce the products while assuring that each step is as per well-defined SOPs and has all traceable quality control records. We pledge to achieve a continuous improvement in Quality Management System throughout the organization by:

  • Fulfilling our obligation to always produce the products which are safe, legal and compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Provision of relevant staff training and development.
  • An acknowledgment that consistent product quality can only be achieved by ensuring control at each stage of the process.
  • Provision of sufficient resources required to implement and maintain the QMS and continually improve its effectiveness.
  • Invest in the new technology for breakthrough performance of our quality drug products.
  • Upgradation of manufacturing technology and skills.
  • Development of Human Resources.
  • Development of overall system as per international standards.
  • Continual improvement in product quality by research and development, process control and variability reduction.